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Experience the choice of professional athletes with our Special Edition Custom Suit and Shirt Ensemble, available for an exclusive summer rate of $750.

 Des Moines area residents only. Men and Women.

I've designed and crafted more custom garments for more professional athletes than anyone else, and I take great pride in that achievement. My dedication to impeccable fit and construction, along with the use of high-quality, durable fabrics and perfect styling, made me a favorite among the pros, their wives and loved ones. 

As a "thank you" for all of the support since I've moved here. All Des Moines area residents can experience what was once exclusive to professional athletes as I offer my talents to this community.  Men and women, if you've ever wanted to know what the perfect suit feels like, then maybe my experience in measuring and making custom suits and dresses for thousands of the top athletes and partners can be a good fit for your expectations.


Experience what the pro's did, at a fraction of the cost. Book your spot with a deposit, and we'll reach out to start the process on your perfect experience.

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